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Medical Injection Molding has now become one of the strongest emerging and growing industries in the western world, but also in countries such as China and India… Even if this practice has its applications in all industries, this has to be viewed more cautiously in our molder’s factory as even the smallest mistake can cause a big blunder […]

As the applications of plastics increases additional demands will be placed on the natural properties of the plastics and on the manufacturing processes. The production of intricate parts with extremely high tolerance and quality finish impose stringent quality manufacturing and process control requirements. Plastic injection moulding is a manufacturing technique for making parts from thermoplastic […]

The needle tip method is the most common type of injecting method. It determines the quality of injection molded parts by several factors such as gate size, gate cooling, and tip temperature. It is applicable to almost all known plastics. The tip mouth will leave a small gate mark on the surface of the product, […]

Why thin wall cup mould price is so high? General speaking, thin wall cup mould are using better steel, hot runner, better cooling, better venting and better demolding effectiveness. The thin wall cup mould runs on high speed machine which needs withstand high pressure during cup molding, so the mould moving plate and fixed plate […]

Plastic disposable cutleries are convenient, cost-effective, lightweight, easy to use and dispose off. The demand for plastic cutlery is growing globally as it is a cost effective and convenient food packaging solution. The cutlery can be produced by high speed injection machine. The high injection pressure requires the cutlery mould steel has to be with […]

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Plastic injection buckets, containers, pails, tubs are considered as necessity items for every household and industrial packaging. Their light weight, flexibility, corrosion and chemical resistance have made these plastic products popular for storage and handling of water, ice cream, yogurt, soybean oil, liquid food, grease, paint, lubricant, chemical, petrol, diesel etc. As a professional plastic […]