26Sep 2017

We have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in chair mould production, from the chair mould RFQ, mould design, manufacturing, export them to abroad. The chair moulds that we made have gas-assistant chair, acrylic chair, arm chair, armless chair, children safety seats, rattan chair etc. Here we’d like to share our experience in plastic […]

22Sep 2017

Gas-assisted injection mold system is the nitrogen from the sub-pressure control system directly goes into the mold cavity of the plasticized plastic, so that the plastic parts inside become hollow caused by internal expansion, but still maintain the shape of the product surface integrity. Advantages of using gas-assisted injection molding technology: 1. Save plastic raw […]

02Sep 2017

Coke box generally use new HDPE material with high bearing capacity and good toughness, so the box mould production requirements are relatively high. 1. One of important things is that we shall pay attention to core deviation. Once it happens, it will influence the production and mould life. So during the box mould designing, there […]

02Sep 2017

Crates can be widely used in Hardware, electronic, mechanical parts, refrigeration, storage, transportation etc. They are acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant. Convenient, stacked neatly, easy to manage. Plastic crates are anti-aging, bearing strength, tensile, and anti-compression, tear resistant, high temperature resistant, rich color. According to the box thickness, crate moulds can be divided into: […]

21Jun 2017

Mould heat treatment is an important way for steel to enhance the hardness performance, which is generally carried out after the mould rough machining. After heat treatment then do finishing machining. But there is a risk during the process. The improper handling will cause the steel cracks easily and scrapped, then what causes plastic mold […]

24May 2017

A number of plastics are used for food containers. PET bottles, food cups, and food packaging are mostly made of plastics. Quality control of food containers is necessary to ensure that they are hygienic and that they do not have any flash that can hurt fingers or lips so that people can feel safe about […]