Plastic injection buckets, containers, pails, tubs are considered as necessity items for every household and industrial packaging. Their light weight, flexibility, corrosion and chemical resistance have made these plastic products popular for storage and handling of water, ice cream, yogurt, soybean oil, liquid food, grease, paint, lubricant, chemical, petrol, diesel etc. As a professional plastic bucket mould maker in China, we have exported more than 200 sets of bucket moulds to abroad. We are one of the leading mould manufacturers to supply plastic bucket mould, paint pail mould, food bucket mould, bucket handle mould, bucket body mould, bucket lid mould and cover mould in China.

We make bucket with shapes of round, rectangular, square and oval. Capacity from 0.5L,1L,1.5L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L, 7L, 10L, 12L, 15L, 18L, 20L,25L as customers’ need. Use BeCu (beryllium copper) insert for better cooling, has advanced and excellent cooling system, can full automatically drop. With rich experience and good price in making all kinds of bucket moulds.

  • 1 cavity, 2 cavity, 4 cavity plastic bucket mould maker
  • Plastic bucket material: food grade PP polypropylene, HDPE high density polyethylene, LDPE low density polyethylene
  • Plastic bucket mould runner: 1 point hot runner, local brand or appointed by customers
  • Plastic bucket mould core and steel: P20, 718, H13, 2316, S136 etc
  • Plastic bucket mould base steel: S45C, S50C, P20

Our Bucket Mould Overview:

Bucket Plastic Material: PP, PE

Bucket Mould Design: with the best optimized mold water channel arrangement design and the best cycle time performance consideration design

Steel of Cavity & Core: Up to customer’s budget and productivity required, we suggest the following steel grade: 
Pre- harden steel: P20, 718 
Harden steel: H13
Stainless steel : S136

Steel of Mold Base: Up to customer’s budget and requirement, we suggest different mold base steel to clients, normally use material S45C

No. of Cavity: Customized

Hardness of Cavity and Core: 

Pre-Harden Steel: HRC 28~32
Heat Treatment Steel:HRC 48-52

Core pulling or Ejection system: Depends on the products, commonly use air, stripping plate, angel pin, ejector pin…etc

Cooling System:

In Core: Baffle or By pass cooling 
In Cavity Plate: Chain drilling type cooling

Surface Finish: Up to the product’s requirement, normal use texture, EDM machining, polishing

Mold Life:

Up to mold steel grade, under ideal operation condition, 
1. Pre-harden steel, 20~300000 shots
2. Harden / heat treatment steel: 60~800000 shots. 
3. Stainless steel: 1 million shots.


1. Cold runner 
2. Hot runner, local brand with high quality, or appointed by customers
3. Cold runner +hot runner

Delivery time: 50-55 days after mould design confirmed, presenting T1 samples

Packing: mould leg, lock block, customer demands cooling connector will be supply. Rust inhibitor will be spray before packing. Wooden box will be package outside the paint buckets mould.

Our Advantage and Service:

Our design: Excellent professional designers to make 2D and 3D design

Our buckets made by our moulds: Water-proof, full-closed, semi-closed, tamper evident, stackable, easy to handle, strong and durable.

Our worker: Mould makers for different kinds of bucket molding, more than 15 years of experience in bucket mould making.

Our process: Every bucket and pail mold machining process will be weekly informed. Mould trial video and report will be sent. We keep update all details of the bucket and pail mould to customers.

Our machines: High speed CNC machine, engraving machine, EDM, grinding machine, drilling machine and etc. All these equipments ensure the excellent quality of the mold.

Our after-service: Provide spare parts free of charge within one year.

Our company ethic: Quality is the life of our company; we focus on quality and time control.

Plastic bucket molding process: The process involves feeding the raw material to the machine through a hopper. The barrel is heated to melt the material, which is injected into the bucket mould halves by the forward movement of the screws into the cavity. The bucket mould cavity is cooled by passage of water at ambient or low temperature to freeze the molten material. The pressure of the screw is held for some time and then it retracts by screw rotation. At the end of the moulding and cooling cycle, the bucket mould halves open and the moulded bucket is extracted manually or automatically. Thus the entire moulding cycle comprising injection, holding the injection pressure, cooling and the idle time for extracting the moulding is completed.

90% of our molds export to the overseas including America, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Russia, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Iran, Bosna i Hercegovina, Romania, Georgia, Poland, Norway, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria etc. We have built long term relationship with our customers and we will keep offering high quality plastic bucket mould and container mould to all clients.

Who We Are 

A professional China plastic bucket mould manufacturer

Experienced plastic pail mould maker, container mould supplier and plastic mould service provider