The wall thickness of the plastic folding turnover box is relevant to the processing precision of the mold. The folding crate box is too thin, which may cause a decrease in compressive strength and impact strength. Under the quality assurance, we can consider the improvement of transportation space utilization, improve the transportation and storage quality, shorten the production cycle of automobile enterprises, reduce the logistics cost, improve the agility and flexibility of the supply chain, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Advance this advanced logistics packaging method.

The test of the vibration performance of the plastic folding turnover box means that the turnover box is placed on the vibration table according to the number of stacking layers under the rated load weight, and the vibration duration is 60 min. This test is mainly to simulate the effect of continuous vibration on the tote during transportation.

The anti-vibration capability of the plastic folding turnover box is mainly related to the material of the turnover box, the structure of the reinforcement rib, and the stacking code. The totes with poor anti-vibration ability have a short service life and a small number of turnovers, and are also likely to cause damage to the built-in products. The folding box is made of new PP material. It can generally withstand -18 low temperatures. It can be used in the refrigeration industry, can withstand high temperatures above 70, and can be used for high temperature sterilization.

The plastic folding turnover box is a plastic container used for workpiece work station turnover in industrial production, or cargo storage and transportation in commercial circulation. Compared with the traditional wood turnover box or metal turnover box, the utility model has the advantages of bright color, beautiful and light weight. Energy-saving and material-saving, non-toxic and tasteless, clean and hygienic, acid and alkali resistant, easy to stack, safe and reliable.