The most important process conditions in the injection molding process are the temperature, pressure, speed and corresponding individual action times that affect the plasticizing flow and cooling. So a good injection molding machine is very important for the product.

Factors affect each other and constraints, such as increasing the melt, mold temperature, you can reduce the injection pressure and speed, otherwise you need to increase the injection pressure and speed. The core of the impact of various process conditions is the viscosity change of the plastic, which is critical for the rational selection of parameters during the injection process and their interaction.

The advantages of high speed injection during the injection process:
Reduce the injection time and shorten the molding cycle; Improve the plastic process, which is conducive to the molding of thin-walled parts; It can improve the surface gloss of the product; It can improve the strength of the weld line, make the weld line not obvious, and prevent the formation of cooling deformation.

The advantages of using low speed injection during the injection process:
Prevent the production of flashed edges and waste edges of molded products; Prevent the generation of spray marks and flow lines; Prevent the generation of burning marks; Prevent the phenomenon of air entrapment in plastic melt; Prevent the occurrence of molecular orientation deformation.

The speed of injection molding processing is closely related to product quality, and the advantage of injection is also the disadvantage of low-speed injection, and vice versa. Therefore, the combination of high speed and low speed in the injection process can make full use of their respective advantages and avoid their respective shortcomings, thereby ensuring the quality of the product and the economics of the process.