The medical plastic products industry is an emerging industry developed with modern medicine, and has attracted much attention for its high technology, high added value, high growth rate and broad market. With the development of medical devices, medical plastic products are playing an increasingly important role in the medical industry.

Can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Disposable medical plastic appliances, such as plastic infusion sets, syringes, infusion tubes, extension tubes, connecting tube drainage bags, etc.
  2. Various medical plastic products, such as tracheal intubation, airway, vascular intubation, puncture cannula, as well as for repair, nursing, physiotherapy and diagnosis.
  3. Medical plastic packaging materials, eye drop bottles, oral liquid bottles, PVC plastic bottles, low density polyethylene ointment tubes, etc.
  4. Medical plastic product containers, including various plastic bedpans, washing basins, packaging bags, etc.
  5. Clinical plastic products and consumables, including disposable medical test tubes, centrifuge tubes, petri dishes, etc.

Due to their special uses, medical plastic products should have different functional requirements and biological performance requirements, and most of them should be processed secondary, which is different from ordinary plastic products. Through research, it was found that they have the following common characteristics:

  1. Most of them are extruded and injected into product parts and then processed and assembled for the second time.
  2. There are corresponding biological performance requirements; such as: anticoagulation, ultra-slip, antibacterial, etc.