We often see text and patterns on plastic products. These modifications make the products more vivid. There are many ways for manufacturers to make text appear on the products when they produce products, such as silk screen printing, hot stamping, pad printing, etc. The craftsmanship of lettering on the mold. Engraving on the mold, and then forming the text on the product, do you know how the injection mold manufacturer engraved on the mold?

Laser marking
The mold laser marking technology used by manufacturers can mark various complicated graphics, text, barcodes, etc. on various materials. The marking speed is fast and permanent. It is the first choice for marking products and upgrading product grades. Sometimes manufacturers also use this method to engrave the mold label, manufacturer name and other information on the mold.

  1. High marking precision and beautiful effect
  2. High quality: high stability, high safety
  3. Never fall off after laser marking, high temperature resistance, anti-counterfeiting and environmental protection
  4. Low power: the power of the whole machine is 1.5KW, which only uses more than one kilowatt hour per hour
  5. Low maintenance: The semiconductor light-emitting module has a long service life, which can meet the needs of long-term and stable work.

Mold printing
The mold printing process can also mark and engrave on the mold. Pay attention to the depth of the corrosion when printing the words. If the depth is too deep, the pen will be connected. The depth is recommended to be 0.1mm. If it is too shallow, it will not be visible on the plastic parts. clearly. It depends on the actual situation.