Mold protector, also known as mold monitoring, mold protector, CCD electronic eye, is mainly for the monitoring of the operation of various injection molding machines, real-time monitoring and control and detection of mold protection system.

The function of the injection mold protector is as follows:

1 for the molded product retention test:

When there is a molded product left in the fixed mold, it will form a cavity on the side of the movable mold, and this hole will be detected and alarmed by the mold protector of the injection molding machine.

2 for plugin placement detection:

When there is a plug-in to be placed during the molding process, the mold protector of the injection molding machine will automatically detect whether the number and position of the plug-in are correct.

3 for thimble or insert break detection:

Broken ejector pins or small inserts can cause damage to the mold or cause large batch defects. The mold protector of the injection molding machine can provide insight into this and immediately stop the mold clamping and immediately alarm.

4 for the detection of the slider position:

After the mold is opened, it will check whether the slider is returned. Check whether the slider is in place before clamping.

5 for underfill detection:

When the filling is insufficient, it will change the shape of the product or the gloss of the surface.

6 for the detection of raw edges:

When there is a burr or flash, the size of the product will become larger.

7 for falling problem detection:

After one or several ejections, there are still products that have not come off. At this time, clamping is very dangerous, especially for expensive molds. The mold protector of the injection molding machine can show its talents at the beginning of this millennium, and it will issue an indication that the mold clamping is prohibited to prevent the accident of damage to the mold.

8 is used to reduce unnecessary ejection times:

Some injection molding machines have a re-ejection function, and the injection molding machine mold protector can match this function of the injection molding machine to reduce the number of ejections. We can set the number of ejector times to single or double (should be set to more times). After the product has not been detached after ejection, the mold protector of the injection molding machine will issue the command again until it is completely drop off and proceed to the next action.

9 for production lines or assembly lines:

It can complete component identification, sorting or error correction tasks to help you automate production.

10 for quality management:

The standard samples of each product can be archived and stored in the controller. The quality inspector can compare the current product with the sample from time to time or irregularly, and can find the defective product accurately and timely.