Plastic barrels are used in industrial, agricultural and other fields. Such as 20L oil drum and 20L paint bucket. More and more investors are investing their new projects in barrel production lines, including IML in the barrel film.

If you start a new 20L plastic drum production line, what do we need for you? First of all, we need 20L barrel mold and 650T injection molding machine. We recommend that the servo injection molding machine can save a lot of production cost, because the servo motor can save 50% of the electric energy, so that the mold can temporarily rest the motor during the cooling process.

The 20L barrel production line has a typical cycle time of 25 seconds. If the label is attached to the mold, the surface will be printed, and there are many styles. The cycle is about 35 seconds.

20L barrel mold, we generally use P20 or 718 h steel mold, some high-demand customers will require German DIN1.2738, our mold barrels are all four-slide design, the mold clamping is balanced and stable. The mold life is guaranteed to be 500,000 shots, and the average customer can reach 800,000 shots with a little maintenance.

The production line is equipped with suitable 650T energy-saving robots and auxiliary machines including automatic loading program, hopper dryer, cooling tower and chiller.

We have a wealth of experience to provide customers with plastic packaging product line, welcome to contact us for more technical information about the barrel production line.