With many years of practicing and development, Micon has become a mature plastic mould maker. One of our advantages is plastic cap mould manufacturing. We have accumulated rich experience in different kinds of screw and unscrew cap mould and closure mould, such as plastic mineral water cap mould, bottle beverage cap mould, 3 gallon or 5 gallon bottle cap mould, tamperproof cap mould, child resistant cap mould, flip top cap mould, disc top cap mould, shampoo cap mould, edible oil cap mould, engine oil cap mould, jerry can cap mould, sport cap mould, cosmetics cap mould, wine cap mould, toothpaste cap mould, aerosol cap mould, candy cap mould, jar cap mould, eye drop cap mould etc in hot runner or cold runner system, with auto drop, motor release cap, knock-off release according to customer’s needs.

Plastic cap mould will run under fast speed and high pressure, so we must ensure the mould is strong enough and must use very good steel to avoid plate deformation after running years. Micon Mould designer had considered every detail during making the mould design. Our goal is not only to offer you a mould, but a fine solution for your projects.

If you are looking for a trustable and professional plastic cap mould making factory, we have 100% confidence that Micon will be your right choice! Your enquiry is warmly welcomed to sales@miconmould.com