Nowadays, many people like various plants, flowers. Modern people’s lifestyle is slowly transformed into self-cultivation, and flower cultivation has become a hobby in their lives. Flower pots are produced through injection molds, with short production cycle, large output, and long tool life. Flower pot molds will be manufactured more and more.

1.  The flower pot mold can prevent water leakage by leaking water and side wall perforation through the bottom punching hole (to prevent too much watering at one time to make the flower rotten root). The bottom leakage water design directly penetrates the core cavity directly, and the punching hole cannot be too small. Because it is too small to require high-precision machining, the cost will increase. The sidewall leakage design uses the cylinder core to achieve the collision, which is a challenge to the complexity of the mold structure. The production cycle of the product will also be lengthened.

2. Notes for the manufacture of flower pot molds

(1) the height of product stacking in the early stage.

(2) the mold release slope to prevent the appearance of the product from being scratched by the knife.

(3) the injection pressure. If the pressure is too high, the mold life will be shortened.

3.  The appearance of the flower pot: The appearance of the flower pot can be made into a mirror surface, or it can be made into a leather pattern. It can also increase the company LOGO by thermal transfer.
4.  The ejection of flower pot moulds: The four sides of the cavity touch the perforation through the cylinder, and there are two valves on the cavity to prevent the product from being tightly stick on the cavity. The core valve + side air + stripping plate is ejected to realize automatic mold release, and can also be taken by a robot. Another way is, the core and cavity are directly penetrated, which is economical and economical. The mold production cycle is also short. Can bring faster and greater profit margins to customers.