When you need get dressed, you shouldn’t have to waste time searching for the socks, pants. Storage cabinets that help you sort and organize it all; you can keep track of what you really need. As a plastic mould maker, we have made many kinds of plastic storage drawer moulds for customers. Many drawers combine style and function, the trendy look of weave with the convenience, durability and value of plastic to provide a variety of decor solutions for your living spaces. Three opaque drawers keep clutter controlled and concealed while providing access to frequently used items, where they are most often used. The easy pull handles allow drawers to open and close effortlessly, with a drawer stop to prevent drawers from being removed accidently.  The plastic multi-layered storage cabinet can help bring a cleaner environment. Multi-color combination, the overall appearance is very beautiful. Each drawer layer can hold a lot of items.

If you need explore a new drawer mould, we are happy to provide experience of the drawer design, drawer mould design and manufacturing, not only the cloth cabinet drawer mould, stackable storage box mould, but file box mould mould.