Thin wall plastic food containers are becoming more and more popular. The thermoforming disposable containers are considered more cost of electricity power consumptions and complex process. As you know, thermoforming process is two stages, it needs the shape forming from the plastic sheet, the plastic sheet extrusion molding are complex too. From the sheet being heated until the vacuum forming and deflashing…

Thinwall injection molding processing is from the raw material to readymade products in one short. And the plastic containers come out much more straight, shine and strong. It saved a lot of power, labors and time. Because of the straight, strong of the injection moulded containers, we can use it for good food storages since it can be better sealing functions. Till now, it widely used in the ice cream, yogurt, halogen products, disposable tableware and so on.

Thin wall Injection Molding, you need below equipments:

1. High speed plastic molding machines
2. High speed thinwall moulds
3. Robot system

For the high speed plastic molding machines, you need precision filling and high speed injection system, high speed plasticizing capacity, high speed mould clamping and opening, accurate and stable opening and clamping strokes. For this reason, you need to select the good injection moulding machines’ supplier.

For the high speed thin wall moulds, the mould design and mould machining are the two most important points. There are a lots of details in the moulds. Such like:

●  hot runner system.
●  Mould plate hardness and Mould plate material selections.
●  Mould interlock system and mould stripping design.
●  The machining processing method.
●  Cooling system design…………

The Robot system help you to collect the moulded parts according to your setup quantity for each column, then you can use the conveyor for loading all these thinwall food containers into the cartons for delivery to next process.

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