1. The selected cable tie sizes are not suitable:

Nylon cable ties can withstand different tensile forces for each type of specification. The smaller the width, the different tensile forces can withstand. If an inappropriate size is selected, it is prone to breakage.

2. The temperature is too high or too low:

The nylon cable tie raw material is PA66, and its low temperature resistance is relatively poor. It is normal if the weather is cold in winter.

If you want to solve this problem, you can add some raw materials that are resistant to low temperature and have good compatibility with nylon 66. The nylon cable tie will also turn yellow quickly and break under high temperature conditions.

Water replenishment measures should be taken in a timely manner. Spray water with a certain amount of purified water to relieve dehydration.

3. Long storage time:

PA66 is an engineering plastic. Every plastic has an aging problem.

The long-term storage of the cable tie will degrade and oxidize its molecular structure, and the loss of moisture will also cause the nylon cable tie to be brittle.

4. Did not protect from light when exposing to the sun:

After drying in the sun, there will be fog or moisture in the nylon cable ties bag, as if it had just come out from the water.

Because of the water absorption and release properties of nylon, if used or stored under such high temperature conditions, the water inside it will quickly evaporate.

Once lose the water that deserve, its performance will change and the tensile strength will decrease.

5. Material issues:

In order to reduce costs, some companies use secondary granulation modified products. These materials will inevitably undergo multiple high-temperature shearing modeling, and the molecular structure of the raw materials itself has undergone tremendous changes, and the performance has been reduced by more than half.

In addition, degradation, oxidation, etc. during the period. Nylon cable ties should ensure flexibility. Usually, nylon has water absorption during 3-8%. When the molecular structure is destroyed, no matter how to steam, other water absorption methods will not help, which determines its brittleness, of course, easy to break.

6. Manufacturing process issues:

The injection molding process for cable ties is also very important. In order to facilitate the simple and good operation of the molding, by increasing the temperature of the barrel, accelerating the injection molding time, etc., the quality of the cable tie body will also have some problem.