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The needle tip method is the most common type of injecting method. It determines the quality of injection molded parts by several factors such as gate size, gate cooling, and tip temperature. It is applicable to almost all known plastics. The tip mouth will leave a small gate mark on the surface of the product, […]

Generally we use hot runner to do thin-walled fast food container mold, thin wall bucket mold, mainly because it has the advantages that traditional molds cannot reach: Shorten the parts forming cycle. Due to the runner system without cooling time constraints, parts can be cured after timely formed. Many production with hot runner mold of […]

There are thousands reason to use hot runner system in injection molding but seems lacking of info not prefer the hot runner. As I know the hot runner can be considered as the extension of the barrel. In some cases it combines with the injection gate that it can inject to the part directly. But […]

A small amount of melt solidifies at the gate point before the start of injection and is pushed into the mould cavity via the melt stream. Evidence of a cold slug normally occurs close to the injection point. Solution: 1. Increase the temperature of the nozzle slightly. 2. Reduce the back pressure. 3. Increase the […]