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According to the length of mould life, plastic moulds can be classified into 5 classes. Class 1 mould runs 1 million or more shots; Class 2 mould runs 0.5 – 1 million shots; Class 3 mould runs 0.3 – 0.5 million shots; Class 4 mould runs 0.1 – 0.3 million shots; Class 5 mould runs […]

Short shot refers to a phenomenon that the plastic injection mould cavity can not be completely filled. Any factors that prevent the polymer melt flow or insufficient injection weight could lead to a short shot phenomenon. These factors include: 1. Melt temperature, mold temperature or injection pressure and speed is too low 2. Uneven plasticizing […]

Injection mould is a kind of complex structure requires a very high precision, is currently the most widely used plastic mould. Injection mold processing equipment required for lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, machining centers, EDM, wire cutting , Sawing machine, internal and external grinder, laser marking machine, boring machine, etc., Today Micon Mould […]

There are thousands reason to use hot runner system in injection molding but seems lacking of info not prefer the hot runner. As I know the hot runner can be considered as the extension of the barrel. In some cases it combines with the injection gate that it can inject to the part directly. But […]