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High corrosion resistance Many resins and additives have a corrosive effect on the surface of the cavity. This corrosion causes the metal on the surface of the cavity to corrode, peel off, deteriorate the surface condition, and deteriorate the quality of the plastic parts. Therefore, use corrosion-resistant steel, or carry out chrome plating and cymbal […]

Whether the temperature of the mold is appropriate during the injection molding process will directly affect the dimensional accuracy, appearance, internal quality and product production efficiency of the injection molded product, which shows the importance of the mold temperature. So, how to adjust the mold temperature during injection molding? Injection molding requires a temperature adjustment […]

Today, the application of plastic products is quite extensive, and the production process of plastic products has not been improved. As we all know, the main production method of plastic products is injection molding. We will provide you with detailed information on injection molding processing. Injection molding process product molding cycle, including injection molding time […]

Micon Mould offers our clients a custom plastic mold solution: Micon custom plastic mold provide following services for you: . Micon custom plastic mold provide a step by step process from part design to part production . Micon custom plastic mold develop quicker to market approaches in the design stage . Micon custom plastic mold […]

Micon Mould is situated in Huangyan, which is famously known as”the Town of China Mould”. It’s a short commute from Huangyan to Ningbo, Wenzhou, Hangzhou or Shanghai. It is a district affiliated to Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province. Micon Mould has many years of experience on the research, design, manufacture and sale of plastic mould. with […]

In order to ensure that mould works well in long production life as planned, it is important to make a maintenance plan for the mould. To avoid that any foreign matters may fall into gaps of the ejection assembly during tryout or production and machine stops so caused, it is necessary to place a protection […]

Typically the mould rusting is caused by the gas produced by the melt overheating decomposition. If happened in molding, that is because the corrosion gas existing around rusts the mould. For this reason, we must use a dry and soft cloth to clean the mould when injection molding stops. If don’t need molding production, we […]