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A number of plastics are used for food containers. PET bottles, food cups, and food packaging are mostly made of plastics. Quality control of food containers is necessary to ensure that they are hygienic and that they do not have any flash that can hurt fingers or lips so that people can feel safe about […]

Thin wall plastic food containers are becoming more and more popular. The thermoforming disposable containers are considered more cost of electricity power consumptions and complex process. As you know, thermoforming process is two stages, it needs the shape forming from the plastic sheet, the plastic sheet extrusion molding are complex too. From the sheet being […]

Thin wall Injection Mold has requirements on injection moulding machine, mould, and plastic. This article discusses the thin wall’s characteristics, economic benefit, and device’s design. What’s the thin wall? In a simple view, when the wall’s thickness is less than 1mm, it is called thin wall. More comprehensively,the definition of thin wall is related to […]

Experience The plastic packaging industry is facing big challenges nowadays. A good package can make product attractive and competitive. If take advantages in packaging, that surely will bring a lot of profit. Micon plastic mould have developed many packaging moulds including thin wall mould, food container mould, standard cap mould, tub mould, ice cream cup mould, […]