13Oct / 22

Today, the application of plastic products is quite extensive, and the production process of plastic products has not been improved. As we all know, the main production method of plastic products is injection molding. We will provide you with detailed information on injection molding processing. Injection molding process product molding cycle, including injection molding time […]

07Oct / 22

In addition to defects such as cracks caused by stress release, set deformation caused by uneven shortening, and fusion lines in some parts, medical precision injection molds also have various appearance defects due to improper mold design or process control. Common surface defects include surface silver, bubbles, dark lines, dark spots, surface depressions, black corners, […]

06Oct / 22

The medical plastic products industry is an emerging industry developed with modern medicine, and has attracted much attention for its high technology, high added value, high growth rate and broad market. With the development of medical devices, medical plastic products are playing an increasingly important role in the medical industry. Can be divided into the […]

25Apr / 22

Plastic molds have become the most widely used applications in various fields. Plastic molds have always met market demand with excellent practical applications. Do you know how to judge the quality of injection molds? It is mainly reflected in six aspects. Mold life: on the premise of ensuring product quality, the number of working cycles […]

18Oct / 21

There are three ways of heat transfer: radiation, convection and conduction. In the mold, the heat generated by the plastic brought into the mold is 95% absorbed by the mold through conduction, and about 5% is emitted into the air by radiation and convection. During the processing, the temperature change is the most important influencing […]