13Aug 2019

Storage and transportation have always been the main factors restricting the development of the fresh market. With the advent of fresh plastic folding turnover boxes and cold chain transportation, the development of fresh transportation has been greatly promoted. Most of the plastic folding turnover boxes are made of PP material, which is non-toxic and non-polluting, […]

13Aug 2019

Mold protector, also known as mold monitoring, mold protector, CCD electronic eye, is mainly for the monitoring of the operation of various injection molding machines, real-time monitoring and control and detection of mold protection system. The function of the injection mold protector is as follows: 1 for the molded product retention test: When there is […]

11Aug 2019

During the past 15 years, we made so many bucket moulds for our customers, we have concluded some technical points to share with you in paint pail mould designing and manufacturing, hope this technical point can help you choose your partner.   1. Professional bucket mould design is the principal of good bucket mould. Especially […]

02Aug 2019

We all know that plastic is not only a popular, versatile product in today’s world, but that it also has no place in nature and is a big cause of pollution, clogging our rivers and oceans, choking birds and fish and generally hurting our environment. With this knowledge, there has been strong public pressure for […]

24Jul 2019

Plastic barrels are used in industrial, agricultural and other fields. Such as 20L oil drum and 20L paint bucket. More and more investors are investing their new projects in barrel production lines, including IML in the barrel film. If you start a new 20L plastic drum production line, what do we need for you? First […]