Plastic mould maker

07Mar 2020

Molding cable ties is a competitive, high-volume business that, to be successful, demands fast cycles, robust processes, and nearly perfect parts. You look at a cable tie and it looks like a relatively simple product, but it’s an exercise in contradiction in reality, because the cable tie product stretches the limits of injection molding. The […]

08Jan 2020

The full name of INS is INSert-Mould-Decoration, which refers to putting a blister-shaped film into an injection mold for injection molding. The INS process is a new process derived from the IML process. As countries have higher and higher requirements for ecological and environmental protection, the INS process has been widely used in modern advanced […]

30Oct 2019

The main reasons and solutions for the uneven color of injection molded products are as follows: (1) The colorant is poorly diffused, which tends to cause a pattern near the gate. (2) The plastic or colorant has poor thermal stability. To stabilize the color tone of the part, it is necessary to strictly fix the […]

16Oct 2019

The quality of the mold is directly related to the quality of the product, production efficiency and cost. I think everyone will not have any objection. The quality of the mold needs to be tested by the mold to find the problem and solve the problem. Therefore, it is very important for the mold company […]

16Oct 2019

Understanding the basic specifications and basic characteristics of plastic paint buckets can help you develop and manufacture high-quality plastic paint buckets that are more competitive in the market. We have more than 20 years of experience in the development, manufacture and sale of plastic paint buckets; we are committed to providing the fastest and most […]

19Sep 2019

After more than half a century of development, China’s mold industry has had a big promotion and is very agile. In 2018, the sales expenditure of enterprises above the national mold industry was 213.616 billion yuan, a decrease of 19.8% compared with the previous year. However, compared with 2010, there is still a large promotion. […]

13Aug 2019

Storage and transportation have always been the main factors restricting the development of the fresh market. With the advent of fresh plastic folding turnover boxes and cold chain transportation, the development of fresh transportation has been greatly promoted. Most of the plastic folding turnover boxes are made of PP material, which is non-toxic and non-polluting, […]

13Aug 2019

Mold protector, also known as mold monitoring, mold protector, CCD electronic eye, is mainly for the monitoring of the operation of various injection molding machines, real-time monitoring and control and detection of mold protection system. The function of the injection mold protector is as follows: 1 for the molded product retention test: When there is […]

11Aug 2019

During the past 15 years, we made so many bucket moulds for our customers, we have concluded some technical points to share with you in paint pail mould designing and manufacturing, hope this technical point can help you choose your partner.   1. Professional bucket mould design is the principal of good bucket mould. Especially […]