Micon Plastic Mould is a specialized plastic mould maker in China. Our strength is in making thin wall container mould, household mould, medical mould, bucket mould, chair mold, auto mould, crate mould etc. Our factory have purchased advanced equipment, among which there are CNC machines, EDM, Wire-Cutting Machine(including low-speed), High Precision Grinding Machine and Universal Milling Machine etc. our factory has great ability to manufacture large-size, precision molds weighing up to 40 tons.


Manufacturing technology of high-quality plastic moulds to be machine tool technology request more and more high. mainly as flexible manufacturing systems, computer integrated manufacturing system development and application, to create intelligent direction. Machine tool technology is characterized by the integration of technology. plastic mould development characterized by high added value, intelligence and systematic. system management characterized by the development of integrated (including systems integration, software integration, technology integration and interface integration) and network. Formed by the flexible CNC machine tool production line, to become the focus of the current demand, and the five-point demands on the machine.

1, higher flexibility
a. Equipment Flexibility: NC technology development and application, making a variety of machine tools to complete processing, which will help to achieve mass production, lower inventory costs, improve equipment utilization and reduce the processing cycle.

b. Flexible delivery of materials: materials transportation equipment to transport a variety of materials with high availability and utilization.

c. Flexible manufacturing: the manufacturing process can also produce a variety of products, with mixing ratio flexibility, by providing a variety of products to increase customer satisfaction.

d. Operation Flexibility: processing of parts with different can be processed in many ways, the machine failure is easy to implement dynamic scheduling.

2, high efficiency

Manufacture efficiency is an important indicator of business productivity, high-speed manufacture has been widely used in high-precision manufacturing and mould manufacturing. Requirements of high productivity machine tools with high mobility and high feed rate to meet the large cutting process, and supporting a shorter time.

3, good precision

High quality plastic moulds require high-precision machining, and precision required not only the positional accuracy and dimension high precision, more important so as to ensure the accuracy and stability are processed products, product consistency of good dimensional accuracy. To achieve good precision, not only requires the use of sophisticated machine tool spindle system, transmission, steering systems, mechanical structures, and needs to use a reliable control system and online testing technology.