Injection mould is a kind of complex structure requires a very high precision, is currently the most widely used plastic mould. Injection mold processing equipment required for lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines, machining centers, EDM, wire cutting , Sawing machine, internal and external grinder, laser marking machine, boring machine, etc., Today Micon Mould introduce you several commonly used processing equipments we used:

Milling machine refers to the machine that mainly use milling cutter in the workpiece to process a variety of surface. Usually the milling cutter movement is the main movement, the workpiece (and) the movement of the milling cutter for the feed movement. It can process the plane, groove, can also process a variety of surfaces, gears and so on.

The milling machine is a machine tool for milling the workpiece with a milling cutter. Milling machines can be machined with more complex profiles than milling planes, grooves, teeth, threads and spline shafts, and more efficient than planers and are widely used in machinery manufacturing and repairing.

EDM is a self-excited discharge, its characteristics are as follows: spark discharge between the two electrodes have higher voltage before work. The use of spark discharge generated when the corrosion of the material size of the method of processing, called EDM. EDM is sparked in a liquid medium in a lower voltage range.

EDM can be applied to many objects, such as: 1) EDM, 2) EDM wire cutting, 3) EDM tool machine, 4) EDM forming machine, 5) EDM detector, 6) EDM Punching machine and so on.

The role of drilling, drilling machine is a versatile universal machine, can be widely used in drilling, reaming, reaming, countersink and tapping and other processing. In the drilling machine with technology and equipment, you can also use it for boring, drilling, reaming.

Drilling machine refers to the machine that uses the drill bit to process the hole on the workpiece. Normally the drill bit rotates to the main movement, and the drill bit moves axially into the feed movement. The drilling machine has the advantages of simple structure, relatively low machining precision, drilling through hole, blind hole, replacement special tool, expansion, countersinking, reaming or tapping.

Lathe is the main movement of the workpiece rotation, turning the machine for the feed movement of the rotary surface of the machine. It can be used to process a variety of rotary molding surface, such as: inside and outside the cylindrical surface, inside and outside the conical surface, internal and external thread and the end, grooves, knurling and so on. It is the most widely used metal cutting machine with the longest production history and the largest variety.