With the development of society and technology, four evolutions in the pattern of plastic industry appear.

These include: from mainly daily use transition to industrial facilities; from the eastern to the western extension of the main producing areas of evolution; transition from the domestic market to expand to the global market; from simple processing to high-tech processing changes.

1. Product category

From daily necessities to urban irrigation, plastic sheeting, pipe network, automotive, construction, battery, telecommunications, 3D printing material in many fields extending products throughout the national economy.

2. The main producing areas from the eastern to the western extension

Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong province take a relatively high proportion in China Plastic Industry. Now the proportion of the eastern region accounted for 53.7%, accounting for 24.29% central, but by 2015 the proportion of central and western regions increased by 3.53 percent over 2014, the year will increase 3.53%. Eastern growth by only 1%, the middle is 11.25%, an increase of 5.25% in western. Plastics industry northeast last year negative growth of 26.13 percent yield and so in the central a positive growth of 11% compared to a decline in Waterloo style.

3. Domestic market expand to the global market

China’s plastic products are exported to the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Britain and other countries and regions, the export volume in 2015 was $ 61.062 billion, an increase of 1.03%. Last year our country export is negative growth, light industry export also negative, but plastics industry keep increasing which is not easy.

China’s plastic products are now exported to the US market accounted for 22.76% share, Japan’s share was 5.85%, 5.66% Hong Kong, India 3.06%. United Kingdom, Vietnam, Australia, Germany, Korea, Malaysia, all import plastic products from China.

4. Evolved from simple processing to high-tech processing

Many plastics companies have changed from the original plastic companies in other industries, create the overall products. For example, fiber optic companies, electrical components business.

Meanwhile, the plastics industry face four challenges, industry concentration is low, profit margins to be improved, insufficient supply of high-end and environmentally friendly green.