Mould Making

Micon Plastic Mould highly skilled mold makers and machinists have the best tools and equipment available in a state of the art facility. Our engineers provide 2D and 3D mold design for a variety of applications. We are experts in the machining of 3D surfaces using solid model computer aided design.

We are equipped to make plastic injection molds for commodity, packaging, medical, cosmetic, automotive and other types of plastic products. Quick turn-around Mold Repair and in-house polishing are also a specialty.

We offer the very best products by putting our technologies to the test.

Along with conventional machining operations, our shop has the latest computer aided machinery. Our capabilities include:

.CNC 3 to 8 axis high speed milling, turning, and EDM.
.Complete in-house plastic injection mold design.
.Complete in-house mold construction.
.CNC Grinding
.Conventional and CNC machining centers
.CNC sinker EDM machines
.CNC programming with Computer Aided Manufacturing
.Complete capablilities to manufacture mold components and fixtures.
.Mold maintenance and validation services.

Please do not hesitate to send us your specifications for a prompt quotation. We are extremely proud of our people and capabilities and we work each day to earn your business.

Types of Moulds

  • Two plate system auto injection moulds
  • Three plate system auto injection moulds
  • Hot runner system and semi hot runner moulds
  • Cold runner system moulds
  • Hydraulic core pulling system moulds
  • Hand injection moulds
  • Blow moulds

Our Clients