Refrigerator drawer generally use PS, ABS or PC, permeability is better, the product surface requirements are relatively high, then how to do this kind of high-transparent product mould?

Such high polishing mould, their molding process is through the temperature controller control the mould temperature; using hot runner, solenoid valve and time-relay control the melt ejection to produce a high-end products with bright appearance, no shrinkage, no welds and other defects.

The highlight moulds have following features:

  1. Mould forming temperature is high (usually about 80-90 degrees)

In a higher mould temperature during pressure forming, is conducive to the elimination of weld marks, flow marks, product stress and other defects. Therefore, the mold required to be heat treatment, in order to prevent heat loss, usually put resin insulation board in the mold side.

  1. Mould surface is extremely bright (usually mirror 2 grade or higher)

The products ejected from such high polishing mould can be directly used for assembly. No need any surface treatment, therefore, the steel and plastic material requirements are very high.

  1. Many hot nozzles in hot runner system (usually 6-8 hot nozzles, sometimes even more)

Each hot nozzle must be with a needle, and a separate air way, through the solenoid valve and time relay, such as a separate control, to achieve Time interval ejection and so as to achieve the purpose of control or even eliminate the weld marks.