IML (In-mold labeling) is a new form of label packaging that has been used abroad for a long time.
Advantages of IML :
1. It is not easy to fall off and damage. The in-mold label has the properties of waterproof, oil proof, mildew proof, acid and alkali resistance and friction resistance. It is not easy to be damaged under special conditions.
2. High efficiency, in-mold labeling and container molding are completed at one time, which makes the packaging production faster. It also omits the method of manual labeling after filling, thus reducing the cost.
3. The novel and beautiful appearance. The in-mold label and the plastic part are naturally integrated, there is no phenomenon of foaming or wrinkling. At the same time, the in-mold labeling and printing is exquisite, and can be used for special treatments such as laser and aluminum plating, so that the product packaging grade is greatly improved.
4. Safe and environmentally friendly. The common label should be labeled after the container is molded, but the in-mold label and the container can be finished at one time, thereby preventing the labeling process from causing contamination of the bottle. Moreover, the in-mold label and the bottle body are completely integrated with the same chemical composition, can be recycled together, and have high recycling efficiency.