Cable Tie can be used for versatile purposes. Cable tie manufacturer purchases nylon granules from plastic granule suppliers who also sell them in different colors.

Cable ties may be used for wires, cable wires, bicycles, machines, signs, boats, ports, fire extinguishers, air conditioners, criminals, electricity wires, toasters, price tags, large machines, computer motherboards or special industries, etc.

Plastic cable ties are manufactured by an injection moulding process, in which several individual moulds are grouped together side by side to produce a batch of cable ties in a single stroke of moulding. The appearance of a cable tie is determined by the size and the shape of the mould used in the manufacturing process.

Damaged cable ties are caused due to:

Filthy mould machine pipe

Improper pressure control of mould machine

Recycled or mixed nylon plastic

Poor heat transferring from recycled material

Dust in the mould machine pipe can cause the cable tie to turn out looking dirty if it’s white, but would be less obvious in colored cable tie. That’s one of the reasons that white cable ties are preferred because they can be seen easily. Of course, the tensile strength is affected as well. A cable tie made using recycled nylon granules can create a rough and not pure white tie, which says buyers who are looking for low price might end up getting cable tie with low quality.