Micon Plastic Mould factory makes all kinds of the pipe fitting moulds, such as Tee, cross, reducer, coupling, elbow, union, etc.

There are many types of the pipe fitting, classify by the material: PVC, UPVC, CPVC, PE, PPR, PP. Usually, PP pipe fitting is used for the water, while the PVC pipe fitting is used for the dewatering. For PVC pipe fitting mould, we always choose the cold runner as the PVC will come into being chlorine while the temperature is high. Difference shape pipe fitting product, we will use difference gate, the diameter is more than 110mm, and we often use the edge gate and direct gate. If the diameter is small, submarine gate is a better choice, etc.

The pipe fitting mould has many different mold structures, such like the collapsible core system, unscrewing system for the screw inside, use the slide for the screw outside. For collapsible core system, there are many ways to drive it – hydro cylinder, hydraulic motor, angle pin, guide slot. We have made min. collapsible core diameter is 32mm.

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