Micon Plastic Mould is a professional plastic mould manufacturer in China, offers pipe fitting moulds solutions. pipe fitting material have PVC, PPR, ABS, PE etc. For example, PVC is a special material that has corrosive.

PVC material basic characteristics:

1. PVC material with a low MFI

2. PVC material is highly corrosive

3. PVC material forming low temperature, high temperature decompose.

For PVC pipe fittings moulds, the most important things are to analysis the complex product structure, material flowability and choose a suitable ejection system for the product. Sometimes, before the PVC pipe fittings mould design and assembly, it is necessary to make mould flow analysis.

For Every industrial product, it is very important to achieve the exact part dimensions and part weights hence it is important to consider the shrinkage of the material after molding. To get a perfect product, suitable gating system, (Normally, direct gate, edge gate, submarine gate. hot runner is unsuitable for PVC pipe fittings mould)  cooling lines, runner design plays an important role. Optimal cooling line design is very important for high productivity because it can shorten cycle time and improve product surface effect. To get a perfect cooling effect, it is of great importance to customize the cooling line system according to different product.

PVC has corrosive, So the mold molding area should be stainless steel, Normally, we use 2316, S136 steel, which does not require chrome plating, the hardness is tempered with HRC45-52. more than 1 millions shots and can 2-3 times longer based on regular maintenance and correct operation. Plastic PVC pipe fitting mould delivery time is around 45-70 days depending on the structure of products.

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