We have accumulated more than 10 years of experience in chair mould production, from the chair mould RFQ, mould design, manufacturing, export them to abroad. The chair moulds that we made have gas-assistant chair, acrylic chair, arm chair, armless chair, children safety seats, rattan chair etc. Here we’d like to share our experience in plastic chair mould making.

First, the injection cycle time. If the chair weight is between 1700g-2400g, the cycle time should be around 35-50S’.

Second, the mould life. Most of manufacturers can quote 100 million shots. How can we guarantee that? To ensure there is no flash, burr, and labor-saved, we must check the mould steel hardness, mould welding part. Usually we use HRC33 steel to make plastic chair moulds.

Third, the parting line. We must ensure the mould structure design is reasonable. In order to know how to control the milling machining and other machining processes.

Fourth, wall thickness. The uniformity of the product will lead to uneven cooling which will affect the injection speed and bring shrink marks. If CND milling is too rough, it will affect the chair quality.

Fifth, check the chair stackable situation. We have to do analysis for the stacking when making the chair mould design, and need consider the possibility of deformation in the production.

Everything will be involved in the product quality. A high quality plastic chair mould has short cycle time, long mould life, perfect parting line and high-strength stacking ability as well as reasonable weight. If you want to develop a plastic chair mould for production, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you relevant advice.