Coke box generally use new HDPE material with high bearing capacity and good toughness, so the box mould production requirements are relatively high.

1. One of important things is that we shall pay attention to core deviation. Once it happens, it will influence the production and mould life. So during the box mould designing, there should have wearable block on the fixing pate for adjustment. The core insert should be locked by spike and should make good datum in the processing of manufacturing.
2. When test the coke box mould, there will be air trap problem in the side handles. We need make improvement in the design in advance. Add exhaust inserts at the coke box handle locations which will help solve the venting problem.
3. Another problem is the box demolding. If the last step of polishing not good, there will have lines at wall sides. So after the completion of processing, polishing must be carried out along the direction of the demolition of manual base then polish, to ensure the box can successfully drop off.
4. There is another very important factor is the cooling. The thickness of the four corners is different with the overall thickness. Usually need do beryllium bronze insert at the four corners to increase the coke box mould cooling rate which can greatly shorten the cola box molding cycle time, conducive to the production interests.
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