Storage and transportation have always been the main factors restricting the development of the fresh market. With the advent of fresh plastic folding turnover boxes and cold chain transportation, the development of fresh transportation has been greatly promoted.

Most of the plastic folding turnover boxes are made of PP material, which is non-toxic and non-polluting, and will not pollute the goods. It is very safe and hygienic. Its uniform specifications, light weight, moderate size, very suitable for handling, it also has the characteristics of anti-shock and anti-buffering, can effectively prevent fresh products from colliding with each other, and protect the quality of fresh products in long-distance transportation, and its pressure resistance is very good, it can store and transport large-quality products such as beer, eggs, soda, milk and aquatic products for a long time. We can often see it in supermarkets or fresh markets, which show that it has a small advantage in fresh transport storage.

The plastic folding turnover box is very beautiful and durable. It is used by many hotels, restaurants and homes to store vegetables and fruits. It not only protects vegetables and fruits, but also makes the kitchen clean and tidy. It also has excellent corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and long service life. Features are increasingly loved by people.