Gas-assisted injection mold system is the nitrogen from the sub-pressure control system directly goes into the mold cavity of the plasticized plastic, so that the plastic parts inside become hollow caused by internal expansion, but still maintain the shape of the product surface integrity.
Advantages of using gas-assisted injection molding technology:

1. Save plastic raw materials, the savings rate can be as high as 50%

2. Shorten the production cycle time.

3. Reduce the injection molding machine clamping pressure, up to 60%

4. To improve the working life of injection molding machine.

5. Reduce the cavity inside pressure, reduce the mold loss and improve the mold life.

6. For some plastic products, molds can be made of aluminum metal material.

7. Reduce the internal stress of the product

8. Solve and eliminate product surface shrinkage problem

9. Simplify the tedious design of the product

10. Reduce the power consumption of the injection molding machine

11. Reduce the investment costs of injection molding machines and molds

12. Reduce production costs.

Gas-assisted injection mold technology can be applied to a variety of plastic products, such as TV or audio shell, automotive plastic products, furniture, bathroom, kitchen utensils, household appliances and daily necessities, various types of plastic boxes and toys.

Injection molding machine system equipment requirements:

Basically, the gas-assisted injection molding system can be used with different brands of injection molding machine, as long as these injection molding machine is equipped with:

1, slap shot nozzle, to prevent high-pressure gas into the injection molding machine screw

2, the injection molding machine screw stroke with electronic foot trip switch to trigger the signal to the gas auxiliary system, so that high pressure nitrogen can inject into the mold cavity.

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