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Molding cable ties is a competitive, high-volume business that, to be successful, demands fast cycles, robust processes, and nearly perfect parts. You look at a cable tie and it looks like a relatively simple product, but it’s an exercise in contradiction in reality, because the cable tie product stretches the limits of injection molding. The […]

cable tie mould, zip ties mould, nylon cable tie mould Cavity multi Material PA Mold steel H13; 2344 ect. Mold base steel S50C or Standard mould base, LKM etc. Injection gate Cold runner Ejection system Ejector pins Surface finishing Mirror polishing Mold life More than 1 million shots Delivery time 40-45 days Pacakge Standard export […]

Cable ties with plastic pawls This technology is used in 90% of all polyamide (PA) cable ties. In order to cover a variety of applications, there are different variants of this system, for example: releasable versions, in-line versions, open head versions. These are one-piece cable ties that are the pawl moulded as an integral part […]

Cable Ties T-Series Available in a wide range of materials, these cable ties all feature inside serrations allowing for a positive hold onto cable, hose and pipe bundles. The head design of these cable ties guarantees a high tensile strength whilst allowing a very low insertion force, this, combined with the bent tail design of […]

Cable ties and fixing elements applications A cable tie, also known as a zip tie or tie-wrap, is a type of fastener, especially for binding several electronic cables or wires together and to organize cables and wires. Cable ties and fixing elements are used in many industries: in the electrical installation, in harness making, in […]

Nylon ties are often used as a tool in our daily lives. They are not always remembered by people in large tools, but they cannot be ignored. Nylon characteristics (1) High strength, can withstand a long time load; (2) Compared with the metal, nylon hardness is low, do not hurt the grinding pieces; (3) Low […]

Cable Tie can be used for versatile purposes. Cable tie manufacturer purchases nylon granules from plastic granule suppliers who also sell them in different colors. Cable ties may be used for wires, cable wires, bicycles, machines, signs, boats, ports, fire extinguishers, air conditioners, criminals, electricity wires, toasters, price tags, large machines, computer motherboards or special […]