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Micon Mould is a professional China plastic mold maker, which is located in Huangyan “Mould Town of China”, a convenient transportation city. Micon Mould has developed a comprehensive management system and strictly quality control system for plastic moulds: A. Plastic Mould design management Good design is an essential part of a high quality plastic mould, […]

Mold assembly is one of the most critical steps of mold making procedure, all the parts machined or purchased need to be put together and required to be work functionality. Mold assembly job requires comprehensive understanding of mold structure as well as injection molding. Quality of mold assembly determines the mold precision, injection productivity. The […]

Micon Mould offers our clients a custom plastic mold solution: Micon custom plastic mold provide following services for you: . Micon custom plastic mold provide a step by step process from part design to part production . Micon custom plastic mold develop quicker to market approaches in the design stage . Micon custom plastic mold […]

Bucket mold is one of our most important plastic injection mold, our bucket mold includes thin wall bucket mold, food bucket mold, pail mold, cylinder bucket mold, square shape bucket mold,cuboid bucket mold, industrial use bucket and pail mold, water bucket mold, industrial paint bucket mold, fishing bucket mold, packing bucket mold, dustbin bucket mold,cement […]