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There are three ways of heat transfer: radiation, convection and conduction. In the mold, the heat generated by the plastic brought into the mold is 95% absorbed by the mold through conduction, and about 5% is emitted into the air by radiation and convection. During the processing, the temperature change is the most important influencing […]

After the mold is processed, the surface of the mold will be left with CNC machined knife marks or electric discharge fire patterns. At this time, the mold needs to be polished. Polishing can improve the finish of the injection molded product. The mirror spark machine can also do this. One point, but general manufacturers […]

The color of the injection molded product is colorful and highly ornamental. The raw materials for processing are transparent and translucent polyethylene and polypropylene. The reason for the rich color is that it needs to be colored. What are the reasons for the uneven color of injection molding Poor diffusion of the colorant, which often […]

The fluidity of thermoplastics can usually be analyzed by a series of indicators, such as molecular weight, melt index, Archimedes spiral flow length, apparent viscosity and flow ratio (processing length/plastic part wall thickness). Small molecular weight, wide molecular weight distribution, poor molecular structure regularity, high melt index, long spiral flow length, low apparent viscosity, high […]

The full name of INS is INSert-Mould-Decoration, which refers to putting a blister-shaped film into an injection mold for injection molding. The INS process is a new process derived from the IML process. As countries have higher and higher requirements for ecological and environmental protection, the INS process has been widely used in modern advanced […]

The main reasons and solutions for the uneven color of injection molded products are as follows: (1) The colorant is poorly diffused, which tends to cause a pattern near the gate. (2) The plastic or colorant has poor thermal stability. To stabilize the color tone of the part, it is necessary to strictly fix the […]

The quality of the mold is directly related to the quality of the product, production efficiency and cost. I think everyone will not have any objection. The quality of the mold needs to be tested by the mold to find the problem and solve the problem. Therefore, it is very important for the mold company […]

After more than half a century of development, China’s mold industry has had a big promotion and is very agile. In 2018, the sales expenditure of enterprises above the national mold industry was 213.616 billion yuan, a decrease of 19.8% compared with the previous year. However, compared with 2010, there is still a large promotion. […]

Convenient processing and repair Plastic Molds are quite complex parts. During the process, they often encounter complex and special shapes that are difficult to machine and difficult to repair. For these structures, the mold insert can be used to reduce the difficulty of processing and maintenance. Easy to mold and demould If the product has […]