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storage box mould, plastic box mould, spare parts box mould Core & Cavity Steel: P20 etc Product material: PP Mould base: 45# Cavity: 1 Runner: hot runner Mould Life: More than 1 million shots Specification: All size of available Design Software: UG, CATIA, PROE, OUT CAD Delivery time: 45 days Flow Chart of Making Plastic […]

When you need get dressed, you shouldn’t have to waste time searching for the socks, pants. Storage cabinets that help you sort and organize it all; you can keep track of what you really need. As a plastic mould maker, we have made many kinds of plastic storage drawer moulds for customers. Many drawers combine […]

Micon Plastic Mould Factory is a plastic mould manufacturer, specialized design and manufacturing of plastic moulds. Our products include thin wall container mould, household mould, medical mould, bucket mould, crate mould, chair mould, cutlery mould, sanitary ware mould, plastic furniture mould… storage box mould, plastic container mould Core & Cavity Steel: P20, 718H, H13 etc. […]

To produce a high quality crate mold, you must understand the following techniques and quality points about the turnover box mold: Crate mold quality points 1. Long life 2. High-speed injection 3. Have a good exhaust system in crate handle part Crate mold technical points 1. How to make a long-life crate mold? 1)First choose the […]

MICON MOULD is a Chinese crate mould manufacturer, we has developed more than 100 sets various crate moulds such like, beer case mould, spare parts box mould, storage box mould….. A, do you need a high production performance crate moulds? B, do you need the automatic ejection function for the cola bottle crate mould? C, […]