Plastic cap moulds are a type of plastic part that can be found everywhere in everyday life. Plastic caps and closures are available in a variety of styles and colors, but the commonly used beverage caps have a non-slip rib on the outside of the cylinder. The plastic material is environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE), which has good flexibility. Considering the forced demoulding, in order to simplify the mold structure and reduce the closing height of the mold, a stripping mechanism combining the limit plate and the pusher plate is adopted. At the same time, the body of the cap is connected to the security ring only through 8 small cylinders along the circumference, and two semi-circular hover blocks (lateral) are used to form the security ring. Combined with the structural characteristics of the plastic parts, the plastic parts must remain on the core after molding, so the mold parting surface is set at the largest part of the cross-sectional contour between the security ring and the cap body, perpendicular to the mold opening direction. Its main function is to seal the mouth of the beverage bottle, so that people can store and drink.

The selection of the parting surface in the process of designing the plastic cap mold is very important. It determines the structure of the mold. Micon Mould Co., Ltd. suggests that the parting surface of the mold should be determined according to the principle of parting surface selection.

1. Easy demolding: keep the plastic caps stay on the movable mold. The mold release mechanism is on the side of the movable mould. The main cores is mounted on the side of the movable mould, so that the caps are wrapped on the cores. The cavity can be placed on the fixed mold.

2. The mold structure must be simple, so that the mold is easy to be cut and processed. From the viewpoint of simplifying the mold processing, the plastic caps requiring core pulling should be avoided as much as possible in the fixed mold part.

3. Must have a smooth exhaust on cavity to ensure the cap quality. Basing on the cap appearance, the rational use of equipment and molding requirements to decide the parting surface. The plastic closures are plastic bottle caps, there is no requirements on the cover. Because the parts have lateral point-to-heart connection which need a lateral inner core pulling mechanism. If more complicated type, can use quick lateral splitting.

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