China is the biggest plastic toys market, as well as the biggest plastic toy moulds producer. Many plastic toys are made through injection molding; plastic injection mould is the most widely used in toy production. It has the characteristics of high product quality, stable size, good finish and high production efficiency. It is applied to a toy with high quality requirements, many assembly parts, thick wall thickness and large batch size.

We have the capability to do many kinds of toy mould, such as kids car mould, plastic building blocks mould, beach sand toy mould, baby clay mould, ice cream box mould, baby scooter mould, plastic puzzle toy mould, baby animal toy mould, baby music toy mould etc.

Toy block material:  PP

Toy block mould design:  3D format in STP, X_T or IGS, 2D design in dwg, or pdf

Toy block mould steel:  cavity 718H,P20H, 2738, 1.2312; core718H, 2738, NAK80.

Toy block mould cavity: multi-cavities

Toy block mold standard parts:  HASCO, DME

Toy block mould hot runner:  YUDO, INCOE, Synventive, DME, MOLD-MASTERS,

Toy block mould gate:  edge gate or point gate

Steel treatment:  Vacuum quenching, or nitride

Toy block mould size: 450*300*350mm

Mould life guarantee:  800000shots or one year.

Packing for delivery: strong wooden case

Shipment:  by sea after customer approval the final samples.

Process following:  weekly process report with pictures or videos

Test inspection:  checking list report

Payment terms:  50% down payment, 50% balance before shipment

Service: spare parts for mould and 1 year guarantee.

In the toy mold, surface polishing is a very important work after plastic mould design, and polishing workload even accounts for more than 50% of entire molding cycle. How to achieve polishing requirements quickly and efficiently is a goal pursued by mold processing in plastic moulding factory. In particular toy mold has a small and deep cavity and it is difficult to polish. Although there are many electric polishing tools and other polishing techniques, manual polishing still plays a leading role at present. In order to achieve a good polishing effect, it is necessary to train a good quality polisher, have a strict polishing procedure, combine advanced polishing materials.

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